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Recording Oral Communication in Powerpoint

Your oral communication must be submitted by tbc
Please send your oral communication to: tbc


All communications provided for the event must be pre-recorded for better management. If you have any difficulties in recording your presentation, you only need to follow the steps described in the document. The maximum time for presentation will be 10 minutes.

Step 1

When opening your communication in PowerPoint, you must click on the “Slide Show”

Step 2

After clicking on “Slide Show”, a menu will appear with the name “Record Slide Show”

Step 3

When you start recording, always test the audio pickup from your microphone. After completing this process, you only need to time your slides with your audio. The whole process is manual so the next slide will only advance when you give permission.

During recording, PowerPoint allows some features such as: Laser pointer, Pen and Eraser.


With this functionality you can change the screen you want to transmit, mouse visibility, pause presentation or finish. 

If your version of Powerpoint is the same as that of PowerPoint 2019, you can include a video channel in your presentation.


1. Turn on / off preview image of the speaker
2. Turn on / off camera and microphone. Both are turned on by default.
3. Camera / Microphone settings on the computer.
4. Clicking on this option will delete your video and return to the original presentation.
5. Viewing Speaker Notes
6. Replay
7. End recording
8. Record

After finishing the recording you can record in .mp4 video file format.

What is the deadline for sending my Oral Communication?

Your oral communication must be sent until day 13 of September of 2021 until 23:59.
Please send your oral communication to:

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